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(Patent Pending)

ZAP! Cricket Bowling Machines incorporate a patent pending technology which makes the product unique and efficient from any other bowling machine in the world. 

ZAP! 110 Cricket Bowling Machine  can be used to throw both hard cricket balls and soft tennis balls at a speed of 110 kmph. It is digitally operated and incorporates an in-built sensor control mechanism which gives precision in speed and accuracy. 

ZAP! 110 bowling machine can be used to swing and spin the ball, hence helps any batsman to practice almost all types of bowling variations and also comes with an automatic ball feeder.

ZAP! 110 is easy to carry, assemble and operate . It incoporates a patent pending DC motor mechanism and can be operated using electricity or battery 

Digital Operations(Works on AC&DC)

Zap! 110 cricket bowling machine is equipped with advanced digital control mechanism. Speed of the deliveries can be adjusted from 56 kmph to 110 kmph.  Also one can digitally control the automatic feeder timer which enables ball dispense with gap of 5 to 15 seconds. ZAP! 110 bowling machine works on both electricity and battery. 

Quality Swing & Spin  

ZAP! 110 bowling machine's side tilt feature enables to produce high quality spin and swing. Level of swing/spin can be controlled by adjusting side tilt angle which creates numerous swing and spin bowling variations. Practicing Swing/Spin with ZAP! 110 is the best way to improve batting against wicket taking deliveries.

Use both hard & soft balls

To practice short pitch deliveries or high speed deliveries ZAP! 110 cricket bowling machine is equipped to use soft tennis balls. It is equipped with an easy mechanical adjustment feature to opt between hard balls and soft Tennis balls. ZAP Hard PU balls comes in different weights ranging from 80 grams to 140 grams. 

Automatic Digital Ball Feeder

ZAP! 110 cricket bowling machine comes with 12 ball automatic feeder. it is digitally operated and ball dispensing time frequency can be varied from 5 seconds to 99 seconds. It is easy to install user friendly. It  follows saftey mechanism which gives a batsman celar ball dropping visibility to avoid any injuries.

Swift Line and Length  Adjustments

ZAP! 110 is equipped with easy line and length change option. One can easily change the line and length of the ball delivery using mechanical angle change feature. Chaning a delivery from yorker lenght to short pitch deliveries will take very few seconds and can be done with great control.

ZAP! 110 Cricket Bowling Machine Price

Rs. 65,000
Excluding Tax and Transport
  • Operations Mode:- Digital
  • Speed :- 110 kmph
  • Swing :- In-swing & Out-swing
  • Spin :- Off-spin & Leg-spin
  • Power Supply :- Both Ac & Dc
  • Auto Feeder :- Includes 12 ball feeder
  • Balls Used :- Both Hard and Soft


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